Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

Well organized, safe and enjoyable multi-sport events require a large number of volunteers. 

To keep entry fees to a minimum, we rely on competitors, to volunteer at our events.

You can get a free race by volunteering to help at one of our events listed below .

Volunteers must show up 90minutes before the start of the race, work throughout the event and stay until after clean-up.
Please call New York Triathlon at 845-247-0271 to let us know in advance.

NOTE:  ONLY the races listed below are included in the “Volunteer Free Race” program for 2017.

– MARCH MADNESS DUATHLON – Central Park – April 2
– NEW YORK CITY DUATHLON – Central Park – September 3 – CENTRAL PARK DUATHLON – Central Park – October 22

If you volunteer at one of these races, you may participate for free at one of these races AFTER the date you volunteer.

To Volunteer – Call at 845-247-0271